Wednesday 9-11-2022

Alas, no lesson tonight. See the information in the app.

Autumn break

From Saturday, Oktober 22 up to Sunday, Oktober 30 Rachid will not teach. If someone else gives the adult lessons we will communicate this through Whatsapp.
For the real diehards: those 2 weekends Yamashima Sensei will be in Frankfurt

Yamashima Sensei returns

In September Yamashima Sensei will be back in the Netherlands! See the event-page for details. Participation is free for all members of the organizing dojo's.

Summer holidays

Last adult lesson by Rachid is on Monday, July 4. Last kids lesson on Saturday, July 9.
Adults will start again on Monday, August 29. 
See the event-page for Yamashima Sensei's visit in August!

Saturday 25-6-2022

Kaspar will teach this Saturday

Monday 30-5-2022

Alas, no lesson tonight